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Defares is a specialised law firm and your partner for strategic issues in the areas of competition and food safety. Strong client relationships are our priority. Together with our clients we develop a strategy for achieving their commercial objectives.

Our in-depth understanding of clients’ businesses, relevant players and competent authorities enables us to deliver the quality of advice and service they expect. Litigation forms increasingly part of the strategy.

Defares has special expertise in the fast moving consumer goods, retail and agricultural sectors. In these sectors, we are privileged to exclusively work with an impressive array of high-calibre companies.

Defares has an extensive network of contacts with law firms, both within Netherlands as well as abroad. If necessary, we work together closely with other excellent practitioners who seamlessly provide services in addition to our specific expertise of competition and food safety.


  • Leniency

  • Compliance training

  • Sustainability

  • Cartel investigations

  • Audits (quick-scan)

  • Abuse of a dominant position 

  • (Mock) dawn raids

  • Restrictive practises


  • General Food law

  • Compliance training food safety

  • Sustainability

  • Labelling issues

  • Enforcement

  • Inspection and approval

  • Recalls

  • Tracking and tracing

  • Nutritional and health claims

  • Precaution


  • Public procurement

  • Sustainability

  • EU trade policy

  • State liability

  • Sector-specific regulation (food, agriculture)

  • State aid

  • Free movement of persons, goods, services and capital

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