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NLVR-Seminar: recalls and food safety

The Dutch Association for Food Law (NVLR) will be organising a seminar on “recalls and food safety” in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the exact date is postponed until later notice.

Nevertheless, an impressive list of speakers is already available. Jos Goebbels (Chairman of the Central Organisation for the Meat Industry, COV), Marije Batting (Lawyer/partner at Pels Rijcken), Thomas van Hemert (Managing director at Johma Salades), Oswald Jansen (Professor of European Administrative Law and Public Administration at Maastricht University), Ronald Buis (responsible for Food Safety EMEA at KraftHeinz) and Tef Tevonderen (Expert at Cunningham Lindsey the Netherlands (Sedgwick)) will share their views on this subject.

Participation is free of charge for NVLR members, non-members pay a contribution of € 25.

You can register for this seminar at

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